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Reyes Group's Project Awards

At Reyes Group, Safety and Quality are our highest priorities, as well as the foundation of our company mission. Here are a few of the awards we've received in recognition of our safety and quality practices.

2012 Recognition Letter from Turner Construction Company
Reyes Group received recognition from Turner Construction Company for its hard work, commitment to safety, and dedication to the Taxiway WK Project. Click to view letter from Turner Construction.

2011, 2008, 2007 and 2006 ASA Safety Award
Reyes Group has received the ASA Safety Award from the Association of Subcontractors and Affiliations in recognition of its continuing efforts in maintaining an exemplary safety program.

IDOT "2009 Contractor of the Year" Award
Awarded the 2009 Contractor of the Year Award, "Urban Improvement Award of Excellence" by the Illinois Department of Transportation, in recognition of the drainage improvement barrier and retaining walls; sign truss replacement and patching work along I-290 at the eastbound ramp and Des Plaines Avenue in Chicago.

2009 Award for Safety and Productivity
Presented by the Walsh Group in recognition of Reyes Group's safety and productivity performance during the Altgeld Gardens Phase III project for Walsh Construction.

IDOT "2008 Directors Award"
Received the Illinois Department of Transportation 2008 Directors Award entitled "Construction Excellence at an Airport" for completion of Phase I of the O'Hare Modernization Program, at O'Hare International Airport which was the largest project in North America.

HACIA "2008 Contractor of the Year" Award
Received the "2008 Contractor of the Year Award" from the Hispanic American Construction Industry Association.

2008, 2007, and 2006 Acuity Insurance Safety Award
Received safety award from our insurance carrier, Acuity, three years in a row.

"2005 Contractor of the Year" Award
Reyes Group Ltd., along with joint venture partner, Kiewit Western Co., received the "2005 Contractor of the Year" award by the IRTBA (Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association) and CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) for the Dan Ryan Red Line Rehabilitation Project.

2004 "Globe Awards"
Awarded a 2004 Globe Award from the ARTBA Transportation Development Foundation for its work on the South Lake Shore Drive Reconstruction Project in Chicago, IL. This one-in-five national awards is given out in recognition of:
  • an outstanding job in protecting and/or enhancing the natural environment in the planning, design and construction of U.S. transportation infrastructure projects;
  • transportation construction-related product manufacturers and material suppliers that utilize exemplary environmental processes to protect and enhance the natural environment.

The South Lake Shore Drive Reconstruction Project was a 6.5 mile, nearly $150 million project that ran along Lake Michigan, resulting in the reconstruction of the multi-lane roadway, replacement of the storm water system and roadway lighting; construction of five new pedestrian underpasses; replacement of two existing highway bridges, along with extensive landscaping. Nearly 15 acres of green space were reclaimed by removing unnecessary pavement.

Noted were the efforts to protect Lake Michigan's water quality. While most of the original run-off ran directly into the lake, the project team constructed a new roadway drainage system that re-routed most of the polluted runoff into the City's sewer system, and installed backflow guards to prevent cross-contamination.

CDOT "2003 Project of the Year" Award
Reyes Group received the "2003 Project of the Year" Award for its work on the 18th Street Pedestrian Bridge, along with McHugh Construction.

CDOT "2002 Project of the Year" Award
Reyes Group, along with FH Paschen, was awarded the "2002 Project of the Year" Award for its work on the Torrence Avenue Roadway Improvement Project.
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