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DART Orange Line Expansion Project – Kiewit, Stacy Witbeck, Reyes, Parsons AJV

Dallas, Texas
DART Orange Line Expansion, Dallas, Texas

KSWRP is a joint venture consisting of contributions from Kiewit, Stacy and Witbeck, Reyes Group, and Parsons Engineering. Working closely with Dallas Area Rapid Transit, the goal of the first phase of the project was to design and build 10.8 miles of light passenger rail. Subsequent to this work, the KSWRP joint venture successfully bid nearly four additional miles of construction slated for completion in December 2013. Reyes Group has taken up many goals to help our partners meet the owner's requirements, such as providing the necessary equipment for operations and the labor for both the design and construction aspects of the job. This project is a huge undertaking requiring several different operations, such as: survey, utilities, earthwork, structures, stations and railway.

Survey assists in nearly every major operation on the project. From staking out during pre-construction to profiling the bearing seat for bridge beams, survey is involved at every step to ensure that the physical location of every project component is correct prior to its construction.

The responsibility of the utilities discipline is to locate, remove, install and/or relocate underground and overhead utilities, including electric, water, phone, gas, etc. They are also responsible for the relocation and construction of new and existing storm drainage on the project. Utilities clear the way for the rest of the construction process.

Earthwork includes various tasks though out the jobsite, such as creating access for other operations, building up or cutting down the grade based on the design of the light rail line, and backfilling retaining walls. Earthwork provides the proper working area for other operations.

Structures involve the construction of all abutments, bridges, foundations, and walls on the jobsite. This is the most labor intensive part of the project, taking an estimated 60 men at the height of construction. By the end of the project, the structures team will have been responsible for building nearly 16,000 feet of bridge structures. Structures also have one of the most demanding tasks in meeting the owner's requirements, since all the work is permanent and also visible to the public.

The stations discipline is responsible for building 6 train stations for the owner. This operation is a large undertaking because it has so many different operations within it. From landscaping, plumbing, electrical, steel erection, Stations has to bring a large group of employees and subcontractors together and produce something that not only meets the owner's standards but also those of the surrounding communities too.

Railway is tasked with the operation of laying ballast, setting ties and laying and welding all rail through the entire length of the project. Railway is typically the last operation to start since they have to wait on both the structures and earthwork operations.

Dallas, TX
Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Contract Value
$435 Million
Completion Date
December, 2012
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